Loan Analysis Model for SaaS Companies using Dynamics 365 Business Central

    This article describes the Loan Analysis Template that is included with Solver's SaaS model for users of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP and Binary Stream's Subscription Billing Suite (SBS). It is part of a library of more than 150 ready-to-use reports, budget models and dashboard templates that Solver provides to SaaS companies as part of its cloud Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform.   In the dynamic landscape of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, financial decision-making is a critical aspect that can make or break success. CFOs and executives often grapple with the challenge of navigating through various loan categories, striving for efficient financing solutions to propel their operations forward. Modern Loan Analysis Models, seamlessly integrated into a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform like Solver, emerge as a beacon of clarity for executives seeking informed financial decisions.

    Challenges Faced by SaaS Companies

    • Lack of Self-Service Models: SaaS companies frequently encounter difficulties in accessing easy-to-use self-service Loan Analysis Models. The absence of such tools hampers the ability to swiftly compare different loan categories on-demand, leaving decision-makers in the dark.
    • Overreliance on Manual Spreadsheets: The prevalence of numerous manual Excel spreadsheets creates a maze for managers attempting to stay informed about alternative loan types. This manual approach not only consumes time but also introduces the risk of errors that could lead to misguided financial decisions.

    Benefits of Modern Loan Analysis Models

    • Efficient Comparative Analysis: Implementing Solver's Loan Analysis Template empowers CFOs with a user-friendly interface, enabling quick and accurate comparisons of four prominent loan types: Line of Credit, Term Loan, Royalty Loan, and Contract Funding Loan. This feature streamlines the decision-making process, providing a clear picture of the financing landscape.
    • Visual Tools for Decision-Making: The convenience of charts within the Loan Analysis Template transforms complex financial data into visually appealing and easily understandable insights. This facilitates the presentation of loan options to the board and other executives, expediting and simplifying the decision-making process related to financing and cash flow.

    About the Loan Analysis Template

    This model is used with permission from Maxio ( The template has 5 tabs: The first 4 tabs have inputs for different debt financing categories. These are: Line of Credit, Term Loan, Royalty Model and Contract Funding Model. Each model uses a chart to easily analyze Cash Runway and available cash with and without the financing. The 5th tab graphically compares all four financing methods to help analyze which one may work best for your business. For this and many other ready-to-use templates from Solver, visit our web-site Marketplace page.
    Loan Analysis Model for SaaS Companies using Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Loan Analysis Template for Dynamics 365 Business Central � Pre-built SaaS Template from Solver

    Why Choose Solver's CPM Solution

    Consider a successful implementation of Solver, a best-in-class CPM solution. By harnessing the power of the ready-to-use Loan Analysis Template and other pre-built reports, dashboards, and budget models, SaaS companies can experience a paradigm shift in financial management. Solver's comprehensive solution addresses the pains of delayed decisions, manual spreadsheet dependencies, and the lack of self-service models. The result is a streamlined, automated, and cloud-based financial reporting, analysis, and budgeting process that aligns seamlessly with the goals of CFOs and executives. Embrace Solver's CPM solution to revolutionize your financial strategy and drive your SaaS company toward sustained success. Resources for Additional SaaS Reports, Dashboards and Budget Models For more information about all the SaaS templates from Solver check out these resources: About Solver Solver is a global leader in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and comes with out-of-the-box integrations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Subscription Billing Suite from Binary Stream. Solver includes more than 150 reports, dashboards and budget templates for SaaS companies that provide in-depth analysis of subscription revenues, financials, human capital/payroll and CRM pipeline.