Evaluating Budgeting Software for Dynamics 365 Business Central: Key Features and Benefits

    When evaluating budgeting software for your Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system, there are several key functionalities to consider to ensure the software fits your specific needs and goals. Here are eight of the top features to look for in leading budgeting software:
    1. Integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central: Ensure that the budgeting software integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP system to reduce manual data entry and increase accuracy.
    2. Budget Planning and Forecasting: Look for software that provides an easy-to-use interface for planning and forecasting budgets, with the ability to create multiple scenarios and compare results.
    3. Collaboration and Approval Workflows: Choose a solution that supports collaboration and approvals by multiple stakeholders, with the ability to track comments and changes to the budget.
    4. Data Visualization: The software should provide clear, easy-to-understand visual representations of budget data, such as charts and graphs, to support informed decision-making.
    5. Budget Allocation and Reallocation: Expect software that allows you to allocate and reallocate budgets across departments and cost centers, with the ability to adjust budgets in real-time.
    6. Flexible Reporting: Select a solution that provides flexible reporting capabilities, including the ability to create custom reports and dashboards, with the ability to export data to Excel for further analysis.
    7. Mobile Accessibility: Consider a budgeting software that provides mobile accessibility so you can access and review budget data from anywhere, at any time.
    8. Advanced Security: Choose a solution that provides advanced security features to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive financial information.
    A modern budgeting software can make life easier for power users in charge of the annual budget process by reducing the time spent on manual budget management and increasing accuracy. Some key benefits include:
    • Automation of manual processes, freeing up time for higher value tasks
    • Improved accuracy and reduced risk of mistakes
    • Real-time visibility into budget data, enabling informed decision-making
    • Collaboration and approvals, allowing multiple stakeholders to participate in the budget process
    • Mobile accessibility, enabling you to access budget data from anywhere, at any time
    In conclusion, when evaluating budgeting software for your Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system, be sure to look for the key functionalities and features outlined above. With a modern budgeting software, you can streamline your budget management processes, reduce the risk of mistakes, and make informed decisions based on real-time data. Only Solver delivers a  one-day rapid deployment , including free and instant access to $100K of value available on Day 1 in the  Solver Marketplace . Solver is committed to helping you with all your advanced planning and reporting needs, so you can Accelerate Better Decisions – starting now.