How to Leverage Data to Prepare for an Exit or Acquisition


    Do you intend to sell or acquire a company in 2024? Exit and acquisition processes require you to complete time-intensive and extremely thorough financial planning and reporting. Assembling 3-5 years of historical financial statements, operational metrics, KPIs, and projections can be a very painful process.  

    But it doesn’t have to be.

    Register for our webinar on April 25 at 10 AM Pacific to discover how you can ease this process and leverage data through automation with real-time performance visibility.  Register Now. 

    What You Will Learn in the Webinar

    Join finance experts at Solver and RJMC and get the facts you need. We will discuss how cloud-based Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions can assist your team in automating and streamlining the financial planning process of your deal with real-time visibility into company performance.

    This webinar will be packed with important information. In just one hour, you will:

      • Learn how you can significantly speed up your deal-preparation process
      • Identify how you can easily control the narrative of your transaction

    By the end of the first half-hour, you will understand how leading organizations take control of their deal-critical reporting by:

      • Demonstrating investor readiness
      • Modeling flexible exit scenarios
      • Identifying performance improvements; and
      • Accelerating auditable financial statements

    By the end of the hour, you will understand the full picture and you will know how you can dictate the narrative for your exit, investment, or acquisition by:

      • Validating the numbers on your timeline
      • Consolidating enterprise-wide planning
      • Providing visual insights to guide decisions
      • Future-proofing to counter market uncertainty; and
      • Continually improving speed and accuracy

    In short, the “Automating Financial Readiness” webinar gets you detailed information that can help you confidently plan your successful exit, investment, or acquisition.

    Start Here to Prepare for Your Exit or Acquisition

    It pays to be prepared, whether you are pursuing an exit, merger, IPO, private equity investment, or an acquisition. Utilizing a next-generation CPM solution enables you to expedite deal preparation and maintain your control over the narrative with reliable, auditable financials.

    Solver is a cloud-based Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution that leverages patented QuickStart integration technology to enable immediate access to hundreds of ready-to-use report templates and accelerate better decisions. The all-inclusive Solver Suite consolidates data in our data warehouse from multiple financial and business applications
    to streamline planning, reporting, and analysis. Solver drives fast, easy, and accurate decisions.

    If you intend to sell, purchase, or invest in a company this year, you won’t want to miss this webinar. We look forward to seeing you there.


    If you cannot attend live, please register to receive the on-demand recording.


    March 1, 2024

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