Subscription Revenue Budget Model for SaaS Companies using Dynamics 365 Business Central

    This article describes the Subscription Revenue Budget Template that is included with Solver's SaaS model for users of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP and Binary Stream's Subscription Billing Suite (SBS). It is part of a library of more than 150 ready-to-use reports, budget models and dashboard templates that Solver provides to SaaS companies as part of its cloud Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform.

    Unlocking Success with Modern Subscription Revenue Budget Models in SaaS Companies

    Introduction: In the dynamic landscape of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and executives face the perpetual challenge of making informed decisions in a rapidly changing environment. The reliance on manual Excel spreadsheets for subscription sales and revenue budgets often leads to inaccuracies and delays, hindering the efficiency of decision-making processes. Enter modern Subscription Revenue Budget Models, a game-changer for SaaS companies seeking precision and automation in their financial planning. As part of a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform like Solver, these models bring forth a new era of streamlined, data-driven decision-making.

    Challenges in Traditional Approaches

    Overreliance on Manual Spreadsheets:
    • SaaS companies grapple with an overabundance of manual Excel spreadsheets, resulting in a slow and error-prone budgeting process.
    • Dependence on these spreadsheets introduces the risk of incorrect decisions due to outdated or inaccurate data.
    Lack of Automated Planning:
    • The absence of Subscription Revenue Budget Models hampers the automation of planning processes, leaving executives with suboptimal forecasting capabilities.
    • Timely and accurate subscription sales and revenue budgets become elusive, hindering proactive decision-making.

    Benefits of Modern Subscription Revenue Budget Models

    Automated Precision:
    • Solver's Subscription Revenue Budget Model offers a highly automated, driver-based planning model that calculates sales and recurring revenue (MRR and ARR) with unmatched precision.
    • Parameters such as the number of deals, contract types, average selling price (ASP), price increases, discounts, and churn are seamlessly integrated, providing a comprehensive and accurate financial outlook.
    Streamlined Decision-Making:
    • By replacing manual processes with automated models, executives can accelerate decision-making, responding promptly to market changes and emerging opportunities.
    • The Subscription Revenue Budget Model enables real-time visibility into crucial financial metrics, empowering executives to make strategic decisions with confidence.
    Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis:
    • Solver's CPM solution goes beyond Subscription Revenue Budget Models, offering more than 150 pre-built reports, dashboards, and budgeting templates.
    • The flexibility and power of the solution provide executives with a holistic view of their financial landscape, fostering informed and data-driven decision-making.

    About the Subscription Revenue Budget Model

    Use this template to generate both sales and revenue budgets. It is highly automated and uses a few driver inputs to arrive at both monthly sales (billings) and MRR budget figures. Drivers include: # of deals, ASP, price increases, discounts and churn. Only the top portion of the template is visible in the screenshot.

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    Subscription Revenue Budget Template for SaaS Companies using Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Subscription Revenue Budget for Dynamics 365 Business Central - Pre-built SaaS Template from Solver

    Why Choose Solver CPM Solution

    In conclusion, embracing Solver's CPM solution, with its ready-to-use Subscription Revenue Budget Template and an array of pre-built reports, dashboards, and budget models, is not merely a choice; it's a strategic imperative. The solution addresses the pain points of manual, error-prone processes, offering a transformative approach to financial reporting, analysis, and budgeting. For SaaS companies aspiring to reduce delays, minimize errors, and elevate their decision-making capabilities, Solver emerges as the beacon guiding them towards success in the ever-evolving SaaS landscape.

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    About Solver

    Solver is a global leader in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and comes with out-of-the-box integrations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Subscription Billing Suite from Binary Stream. Solver includes more than 150 reports, dashboards and budget templates for SaaS companies that provide in-depth analysis of subscription revenues, financials, human capital/payroll and CRM pipeline.