Subscription Discount Dashboard for SaaS Companies using Dynamics 365 Business Central

    This article describes the Subscription Discount Dashboard that is included with Solver's SaaS model for users of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP and Binary Stream's Subscription Billing Suite (SBS). It is part of a library of more than 150 ready-to-use reports, budget models and dashboard templates that Solver provides to SaaS companies as part of its cloud Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform.  

    In the dynamic landscape of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, the role of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and executives is becoming increasingly complex. To navigate the intricate web of revenue streams, discounts, and profitability, modern tools are essential. One such tool, the Subscription Discount Dashboard, integrated into a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform like Solver, proves to be a game-changer for SaaS decision-makers.

    Challenges Without Subscription Discount Dashboards

    • Lack of Self-Service Analysis:
      • Subscription-based companies often struggle with the absence of an easy-to-use self-service platform for discount analysis. This leads to delayed decision-making and an increased risk of errors.
    • Overreliance on Manual Spreadsheets:
      • Managers find themselves buried in manual Excel spreadsheets, attempting to track and communicate discounts to various stakeholders. This not only consumes valuable time but also introduces the potential for inaccuracies.
    • Complex Discount Categorization:
      • With discounts dispersed across different categories such as salesperson, customer, contract length, and product, gaining a comprehensive understanding becomes a challenging and time-consuming endeavor.

    Benefits of Subscription Discount Dashboards

    • Instant Answer to Revenue Questions:
      • The Subscription Discount Dashboard, as part of Solver's CPM solution, empowers SaaS managers to instantly answer questions about discount impact by category. This accelerates decision-making by providing real-time insights.
    • Policy and Trend Analysis:
      • Analyzing discounting policies and trends becomes seamless. Executives can gain a holistic view of how discounts impact margins and profitability, enabling them to fine-tune strategies promptly.
    • Combo Layout for Comprehensive Insights:
      • The dashboard offers a combo layout featuring monthly, year-to-date, and trend charts, coupled with variance analysis and an easily interpretable tabular presentation of discount categories.

    About the Subscription Discount Dashboard

    Use this report to analyze subscription discounts and compare them to prior year and budget as well as to discover interesting trends. The four charts on the left list the top 5 YTD discounts by item, salesperson, contract (subscription) type and contract length.

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    Subscription Discount Dashboard for SaaS Companies using Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Subscription Discount Dashboard for Dynamics 365 Business Central - Pre-built SaaS Template from Solver


    In a SaaS landscape marked by fast-paced decision-making, the Subscription Discount Dashboard emerges as a vital tool for CFOs and executives. Solver's CPM solution not only addresses the pains of manual processes and lack of self-service analysis but also propels SaaS companies toward a future where financial reporting, analysis, and budgeting are seamlessly integrated into a single cloud solution. By choosing Solver, SaaS leaders can confidently propel their organizations into an era of efficiency, accuracy, and strategic financial decision-making.

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    Solver is a global leader in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and comes with out-of-the-box integrations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and the Subscription Billing Suite from Binary Stream. Solver includes more than 150 reports, dashboards and budget templates for SaaS companies that provide in-depth analysis of subscription revenues, financials, human capital/payroll and CRM pipeline.