Compensation Dashboard for SaaS Companies using Dynamics 365 Business Central

    This article describes the Compensation Dashboard that is included with Solver's SaaS model for users of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP and Binary Stream's Subscription Billing Suite (SBS). It is part of a library of more than 150 ready-to-use reports, budget models and dashboard templates that Solver provides to SaaS companies as part of its cloud Corporate Performance Management (CPM) platform.

    Unlocking Insights: Modern Compensation Dashboards for SaaS Companies

    In the dynamic landscape of Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, strategic decision-making relies heavily on data-driven insights. Among the crucial aspects of operational efficiency and financial management lies the analysis of payroll costs by department. However, many SaaS companies encounter challenges in efficiently analyzing and benchmarking these expenses, often resorting to cumbersome manual processes and disjointed data management systems. Enter modern Compensation Dashboards, an indispensable tool empowered by corporate performance management (CPM) solutions like Solver.

    Challenges Without Automated Compensation Dashboards

    • Manual Excel Spreadsheets: SaaS companies grapple with numerous manual Excel spreadsheets, leading to inefficiencies, errors, and delays in decision-making processes.
    • Lack of Self-Service Analytics: The absence of self-service and secure Compensation Dashboards hampers timely access to critical payroll data, hindering proactive decision-making.
    • Inability to Benchmark: Without automated dashboards, benchmarking payroll costs against industry averages becomes arduous, leaving companies without valuable insights for optimization.
    • Limited Visibility: Executives face challenges in gaining comprehensive visibility into human capital costs and trends, inhibiting their ability to make informed, strategic decisions.

    Benefits of Modern Compensation Dashboards

    • Enhanced Decision Support: By providing executives with intuitive, real-time insights into workforce labor expenses, modern Compensation Dashboards empower informed decision-making, reducing the risk of wrong or delayed decisions.
    • Streamlined Analysis: These dashboards facilitate the swift identification of trends and variances between current and previous years, enabling proactive management of payroll costs and budget allocation.
    • Benchmarking Capabilities: SaaS companies gain the ability to benchmark their payroll costs against industry standards, fostering a competitive edge through data-driven optimization strategies.
    • Automated Reporting: With integrated CPM solutions like Solver, reporting, analysis, and budgeting processes are streamlined and automated, eliminating manual errors and accelerating decision-making cycles.

    About the Compensation Dashboard

    This report makes it easy to spot trends and analyze compensation variances between current year, last year and budgets. It calculates average payroll per FTE both at the company level and by department. This can also be useful in benchmarking against SaaS industry averages. The two sections below the charts show headcount and total payroll by department.

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    Compensation Dashboard for SaaS Companies using Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Compensation Dashboard for Dynamics 365 Business Central - Pre-built SaaS Template from Solver

    Why Choose Solver CPM Solution

    Solver's comprehensive CPM solution offers SaaS companies a transformative platform for financial reporting, analysis, and budgeting. With over 150 pre-built reports, dashboards, and budgeting templates, Solver empowers organizations to harness the full potential of modern Compensation Dashboards. By leveraging Solver's intuitive interface and robust analytics capabilities, SaaS companies can gain unparalleled visibility into payroll costs, drive strategic initiatives, and achieve sustainable growth in today's competitive landscape. In conclusion, the implementation of modern Compensation Dashboards as part of a CPM solution like Solver heralds a new era of efficiency and agility for SaaS companies. By embracing automation, benchmarking, and data-driven decision-making, organizations can unlock valuable insights, mitigate risks, and chart a course towards long-term success in the dynamic SaaS ecosystem.

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    About Solver

    Solver is a global leader in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and comes with out-of-the-box integrations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, popular payroll systems and the Subscription Billing Suite from Binary Stream. Solver includes more than 150 reports, dashboards and budget templates for SaaS companies that provide in-depth analysis of subscription revenues, financials, human capital/payroll and CRM pipeline.